This pool has been decommissioned because the solution for bit 64 has been found.
Please join us in working together to find bit 66 by clicking here.


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This site was created to collectively solve bit 64 of the Bitcoin puzzle challenge.

Create an account and you will get access to the user and stats page. From there you can
download the client software.

It works with bitcrack and the server to hand out work and keep track of what has been checked.

Each range work load is 000000000 - FFFFFFFFF or 68,719,476,736 keys. I selected this range
because it does not complete to quickly on top hardware and is still easily completed in less
then an hour with slower GPUs.

8000000000000000 - FFFFFFF000000000 is generated by the server randomly. There is a btc address I have
generated for all 134,217,728 ranges in the DB. The private key for these addresses are used
as proof of work for the range work loads. When the client software finishes a range and
submits this proof the DB marks that range as checked and dispenses another. Before being
dispensed the range is checked against the DB to ensure it hasn't already been checked.

All work completed is kept track of for each user and displayed on your user stats page.

If/when we find the solution the bitcoin stored in 16jY7qLJnxb7CHZyqBP8qca9d51gAjyXQN will
be split between the contributing users equally according to work completed just like a bitcoin
mining pool would for a mined block. This percentage is displayed on your stats page.

Please check it out and email me with any thoughts comments questions or ideas for improvements.

Recently increased bonus to $500 for the key finder if your calculated payout is less then $1000.